State of Light pinot gris

State of Light

Pinot Gris

Hawke’s Bay

ALC/VOL: 7.0%

2020 was a stunning year for Hawkes Bay across all varietals. The year will go down as one of the driest on record, with almost no rain throughout the summer growing period and autumn harvest window. The grapes were harvested in perfect condition at optimal ripeness.

Taste Profile:

Pale straw. Floral notes of rose water, with melon and hints of spice. Refreshing and light in body; lemon, lime and tropical fruit with a soft, just off dry finish.

After clarification the juice was fermented cool with close monitoring of the fermentation rate, in order to preserve the maximum amount of primary fruit characters. The wine was immediately racked off fermentation lees after ferment and blended shortly after. Prior to bottling 50% of the wine went through a distillation process to naturally and gently remove the alcohol, in order to achieve the desired 7% alcohol in the final blend.

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