Forrest - The Doctors Riesling 2018

The Doctors’ Riesling


ALC/VOL: 9.0%

The Doctors’ Riesling is made from grapes that were harvested early with lower levels of sugars. The Riesling grapes were gently pressed, cold settled and given a cool, slow fermentation.

Taste Profile:
Nothing’s quite as fun as our Riesling. It’s like biting into a deliciously crisp Granny Smith apple while simultaneously licking lime sherbet and apricot. So easy to drink, with the perfect balance of fruit sweetness and fresh acidity at a modest 9% alcohol. A much better way to enjoy life.

By thinking differently, we’ve perfected a delicious full flavoured wine by slowing the grape plant’s ability to make sugar but not its ability to make flavour.
And it’s all done in the vineyard, no chemistry tricks or genetic engineering wizardry here. Just sustainably grown, naturally produced lower alcohol wine.

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