The People’s Wine Sessions Pinot Gris


ALC/VOL: 9.0%

Great with Asian fusion dishes or as an aperitif.

Taste Profile:
A clean and crisp palate, with lemon-lime notes. A well-balanced wine, with an off-dry finish. A vibrant, fresh nose with hints of citrus and Braeburn apple.

From the sunny Hawke’s Bay, our grapes were harvested early, reducing sugar (which makes for a naturally lighter wine) but still full of delicious flavours. The grapes were crushed and destemmed, then direct pressed with minimal skin contact to manage the concentration of flavours. The clarified juice was fermented at a cool temperature using selective yeast strains to optimise flavour intensity and the wine was racked off yeast lees directly after primary fermentation. Bottled while fresh to retain maximum fruit intensity.

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